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LLS Orchestra

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LLS Orchestra


The LLS Orchestra is made up of Loyola Law School’s current students, alumni, some of their talented kids, non-Loyolans, music professionals (teachers and students) and other talented musicians from various backgrounds and interests, all united by a strong desire to make music.

The Orchestra was born in 2020 when the LLS Community felt a strong urge to promote social closeness, equity, and inclusion through music during the time of pandemic struggles and violence against minorities.

Our first “performance” was, of course, recorded, each of us in their own room, until we were finally able to play live.

We started rehearsing on July 16, 2022, about two years after the launch of the orchestra. We were about 20 musicians gathered that day. Only a few weeks later, the orchestra grew to include 80 members, and it continues to grow day after day. 

The LLS Orchestra offers musicians unique educational opportunities. Working on some selected and beautiful repertoire, some of which required for auditions and competitions, the musicians prepare to perform such repertoire in concerts, working together, learning from each other—the orchestra includes some very talented music teachers and performers—and under the guidance of Maestro Simona Grossi. 

Current projects include, among others, collaboration with prestigious international festivals. Thus, the LLS Orchestra, already including musicians of different ages, backgrounds, cultures, and origins from the LA area, prepares to open up to international artists, performers, repertoire, performances, thus fostering that unique growth and development that can only come from sharing with the largest community possible, with no barriers or limits. 

In its mission to foster the union of people through music, the LLS Orchestra plans on performing for groups and individuals that share in its diversity and inclusion mission.


The LLS Orchestra, the first law school orchestra in the country, and perhaps in the world (please contact us and let us know if we’re in fact not the only one) needs your help! We have so many costs to sustain, from the rental/purchase of scores and parts, to the purchase, rental or maintenance of instruments owned by the orchestra, and more. All funds raised through this initiative will be used for: 

  • Operation (tuning and maintaining instruments owned/rented by the LLS Orchestra; printing and binding of parts; librarian): $15,000
  • Renting/purchasing of parts and scores: $5,000
  • Miscellaneous (rental of concert facilities and organization of concerts to be held outside the law school, musicians’ costs): $10,000

We believe the orchestra can truly enrich our community, promoting social unity and harmony through music, because life is better with music, and always will be.


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